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Their online profiles scream to women that they are clueless and desperate and they don't even know it.

In fact, the guys I know who are most successful with women don't have a lot of money and they are just average looking men.Nothing special about them, except they know what women want, and they behave and hold themselves in ways women find attractive.- You can be as cool as a cucumber when you're chatting to these women online, but if you don't bring your A game to the table on the first date, it's all over red rover.But don't worry, after reading this chapter, you will never worry about being a jittery mess again.Scouts honour.- The worst thing you can do to hinder your online dating chances is to write a "me too" type profile like every other guy online.Women (yes, even the less attractive women) are literally hounded by men on these sites and are sick of the same old boring profiles.

- The worst mistake you can make is giving up too much info too quickly and not asking for a date straight away.If you do this, you will end up becoming best friends with these women and not potential mates.- Online dating is a step by step process and if this step is not working for you, you will never get a date.If you can't get a woman's phone number quickly and confidently, you're dead in the water and some other guy will take the girl away from you again.- The most successful guys I know use a 9 step guide when it comes to online dating and that's what I show you in this book in detail. From Step 1: Learning the laws of attraction to Step 9: How to date multiple women.BONUS OFFER 1: This is something I wasn't sure I was going to add to this package.I was thinking of selling it as a stand alone report, along with some added information, but for now you can get it with this package.It's a short report, but CHOCK FULL of information on how to be cool and keep up with trends.