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You’ll know which category she falls into based on her reaction when you do contact her.

Does she get back to you within a reasonable length of time and seem happy to hear from you?

Does she have things to say and try to keep the conversation going?

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When a guy I like contacts me, I may not respond right away, because I don’t want to seem too overeager — or worse — desperate.Being busy and slightly unavailable has some benefits in the dating arena, so depending on the situation, I may play this up and take a little extra time to respond (maybe a couple of hours at most). She Never Responds To You – Now this is the obvious sign with few exceptions.It doesn’t mean I’m not interested in the guy; it just means I don’t want to scare the guy away by seeming too interested. If you contact a girl and she doesn’t respond, that is a pretty clear-cut signal that she is not interested. The rules aren’t totally clear, they’re always changing and they’re complicated by our technology-obsessed world.It’s relatively easy to read the expression on someone’s face – more difficult to decipher their mood from an emoticon in a text message.

However, there are certain clues that will tell you a woman just isn’t into you.There are certain things she will do and say – or not do and say – to make it quite obvious that she would like you to leave her alone as quickly as possible.Please heed these signs and avoid becoming that annoying guy that just won’t go away: 1.She Never Contacts You First – This must be interpreted in the context of the other things she does.Because some girls – myself included – are old-fashioned and prefer that the guy initiate most of the contact and make most of the moves.Emphasis on “most.” So if you’ve exchanged numbers, maybe gone on a date or two (or 10) and the girl never, ever contacts you first, she’s either old school and wants you to chase her, or she’s simply not interested.