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Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s talk wines. (After all, sales and marketing doesn’t make wine taste any better.) Less money spent on advertising means these guys can lower their prices. Well, Naked Wines is crowdfunding to help winemakers reduce their costs and keep the consumer (you) drinking top-notch products for less.

They have you start on friends and family, other students and then the general public. ” or, “That pressure is great, you can work deeper,” but your body may tell a very different story. It’s the same when you stretch yourself emotionally, too.

Some people are silent during a massage; others can’t stop talking in a nervous attempt to clothe themselves with something, even if only words. What goes on in your muscles, with your breathing, with your pulse is the truest you: the you that even you might not know yet. You’d feel much better if you listened and let your words match up to what your body was saying. Your physical and emotional selves aren’t separate––stretch one, and you usually stretch the other, too.

Despite our obsession with sex, American culture doesn’t really encourage nakedness (physically or emotionally). It isn’t always comfortable at first, but it’s a wonderful thing.

Rapper 50 Cent debuted his new girlfriend, Holly this week, whole attending the premiere of "The Family" at New York's Lincoln Center AMC movie theater.

Moving on from the drama involving his baby mama and former girlfried Daphne Joy, it looks like the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson is following in the footsteps of yet another model beauty.

Holly, also known as "Hollywood" on her Twitter account accompanied 50 Cent to the premiere and even posed for photos on the red carpet with NY Knicks baller Amar'e Stoudemire, his wife Alexis Stoudemire and actor, Robert De Niro.

The new girlfriend, an exotic dancer looked stunning yet simple at the event in white pants, a black top and red stiletto heels.

Earlier this year, 50 Cent revealed that he met Holly through mutual friends and eventually asked her to host his birthday party and fight night event in Connecticut.

The rapper and businessman also revealed in an interview that he heard her name around various people, so at the time he hoped to bring her improve her career similiar to how he advanced Buffy The Body, Rosa Acosta and Angel Lola Luv in their careers.

Since Holly's gigs with 50, their business relationship has transitioned into a more personal relationship.

On Monday, Holly tweeted a message about love, but didn't reveal if it was geared towards the rapper.