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Guys u rock keep up the good work I've been coming to teen chat for years.Started off in Padded Cell, moved to Punks, then to Nerds. Sometimes I disappear for a while, but this is the only cool free chat site I know to meet people.Well I guess my favorite room and that always keeps me laughing would have to be the prep room just because of all the posers, lol, but i cant say it isnt worth my time, so if your ever in the Prep room be sure to talk to me.Well teen chat helped me meet new interesting people!They are a lot like me just random and love to talk to each other!

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A 3D chat room is a 3D space integrated with different chat functions.

A 3D chat room can be a cool change from the basic 2D chat rooms.

In a 3D chatroom, users can create their own personal avatar, move through the 3D space and chat with many different users.

The 3D space is a very modern way for users to communicate.

In the Smeet online world there are many different chat rooms all in 3D.