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View this destination » Japanese Village is, simply, a Japanese village with a teahouse.

Overlooking the water, soothe your inner spirit at this serene, tranquil locale.

View this destination » Golden Pavilion is the popular name for one of the main buildings of a Buddhist Japanese temple in Kyoto, Japan.The name Golden Pavilion comes from the Japanese term Kinkakuji, which literally means the temple of the Golden Pavilion. View this destination » Visit Japan-HIROBA, a helpful place for Japanese-speaking residents of Second Life.Here you'll find assistance from a supportive community, as well as a dressing room, beginner tutorials and free sandbox.Melting Dots is a support center for Japanese beginners run entirely by volunteers.There are tutorial institutions, freebie shops, sightseeing guidance, sand boxes, salons and more.

Or swing by for the pleasant events held on Saturday nights, with occasional prizes.View this destination » The Blue Lotus Okiya has been a place of tradition and artistry since 2007.A place for women of culture, intelligence and distinction, geisha with honor, grace and beauty.This is an environment rich with traditional values combined with sisterhood and support.Stroll in the lush gardens to the ochaya (tea house) for an afternoon engagement.Or seek to rest your head at the local ryokan (inn) for the evening.