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etting off the premise that a 15-year old IS allowed to get married so long as the parents consent, I now therefore give my review on the Korean movie My Little Bride, and put all talks of legality to rest.

The movie is basically about the love, or hate, story between a 15-year old high school girl who's forced to marry her childhood friend six years her senior to fulfill her sick grandpa's wishes.

The fun starts here, both for the actors and the viewers.

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And that feeling is fuelled by the fact that the actors show a natural closeness.Either that, or they're just really good actors, being able to perfectly deliver just the right amount of fun and closeness on screen.Less we forget that the movie belongs to the romcom genre, the romance aspect of the story was not at all underplayed.There were hints of attraction between the characters, and they were piled up just right to give an effective heart-tickling ending.The simplicity of the movie's conflict is its biggest advantage.

What do you do with a 15-year old bride who, well, thinks and acts like a 15-year old?

None of those heart-wrenching dramas (thank goodness) that would probably destroy the whole movie; instead, the movie presents a reasonable and realistic conflict that will give you an 'aww,shucks' feeling in the end.

I think it would have been better if the movie was a narrative, made in such a wasy as to show the husband's point of view - kind of giving justice to the title MY Little Bride.

But narration or no narration, the movie delivered. *also on guidelines - Stay on topic and do not spam.

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