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Do yourself a favor and click the link below - you'll love the show and it will help you meet and keep Ms. He did too much for his girl and paid too much attention. She says she loves him but he's no longer her "soul mate." Also, there was an ex floating in the background... Read on and don't forget to listen to my , but I’m afraid it might be too late.

I went out with a bombshell named Victoria for eight months until a few days ago.

She’s smart, sexy, funny, and definitely a Flexible Giver.

I didn’t push and was very patient with her in the beginning, all while being a Challenge.

Even after we started dating I still kept my Self-Control.

She went on a trip to another state a couple months later, phoned and drunkenly confessed that she was falling for me.

A month later she said she loved me and that it was okay if I didn’t feel it yet.

Both our interest levels were really high at that point, and a month later, I told her I loved her.

Because we attended the same college, I saw her very often.

She constantly told me that I was her soul mate, and that she’s never been happier, and that there was nothing I could do that would ever make her stop liking me.

Occasionally, she would bring up that I wasn’t romantic enough and that I didn’t write her cute letters, but she was fine with it because I’m good at everything else.

I got mad at her for experimenting with drugs one time, and we almost broke up from the fighting but we still hung on.

That was when I started becoming less of a Challenge and more of a .