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Clarins would not, however, confirm whether it had recently changed its formulations to include MI.TORONTO — If Rob Segal and James Millership have an opinion about what their customers are doing on Ashley Madison, they’re keeping it to themselves.

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What people do on Ashley Madison is “a very personal and private matter,” Segal said. My wife was excited and thought this was a great opportunity for us.

She knows I’m a marketer and thinks this will be a great challenge.” One year after hackers dumped millions of members’ personal information online and revealed questionable business practices at the company, it’s understandable that the new leadership would want to do things a little differently.

In an effort to win back the public’s trust, Segal and Millership want to introduce us to the new Ashley Madison: Classier, safer and populated with actual women.

Karen’s allergic reaction came as no surprise to Dr O’Gorman-Lalor.

She said: ‘I’ve seen more and more cases like these in the past two years.

The general feeling is that it’s due to MI being used more widely and at higher concentrations.’‘It’s hard because the same preservative is called by many different names.It’s in so many things it’s difficult to avoid – I’ve only found two shampoos without it and can’t find a suntan lotion so have to stay out of the sun.’The preservative was first approved for use in skincare in 2005.Two studies presented at the British Association of Dermatologists’ conference last week showed a sharp rise in reactions to MI over the past three years.The Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association – the trade association representing UK manufacturers – this week met dermatologists to ‘plan further meetings to discuss the most appropriate step to undertake’.But Clarins dismissed concerns, claiming that cases of MI allergy are isolated.A spokesman said: ‘It is inevitable that someone, somewhere will be unable to tolerate a particular ingredient or combination of ingredients within a product formula.’ The company insists its ingredients are approved by the European Commission and its safety is reviewed by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety.