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Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor name = Alec Su caption = chinesename = tradchinesename = 蘇有朋 simpchinesename = 苏有朋 pinyinchinesename = su1 you3 peng2 jyutpingchinesename = birthname = ancestry = origin = voicetype = label = yearsactive = 1988-present currentmembers = pastmembers = associatedact = Little Tigers Team spouse = partner = children = parents = influences = influenced = website = hongkongfilmwards = goldenbauhiniaawards = hkfcsawards = goldenhorseawards = goldenroosterawards = goldenmelodyawards = ntsawards = awards = " (series 1 and 2).Alec Su's stardom career started in 1988, at the age of 15, when he joined The "Little Tigers" trio boy band.The band was the first idol singing group that debuted in the Taiwanese music industry and Alec was labelled as the 'obedient tiger'.

The "Little Tigers" attracted fans from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and amongst Chinese communities around the world.The success of the band began the new generation of Taiwanese pop culture in the early 1990s.Apart from being a singer, Alec was often epitomized by the general public as a superior student.He attended Taiwan's number one high school, , where he majored in Mechanical Engineering .Alec's experiences describing his high school years, preparing for the Taiwan university entrance examinations while trying to also juggle his performing schedule as a member of a popular singing group, are recorded in his 1995 book entitled "] However, as Alec became well known at a young age, he felt that he had lost his freedom as a result of being in the limelight and in the public's eye.

At the age of 21, a year before his Uni graduation in Taiwan, Alec decided to study abroad in England.In 1995, after the break up of "Little Tigers", Alec Su embarked on an acting career.His role as the fifth prince in the Chinese TV series blockbuster Princess Returning Pearl I and II won him fame as a television actor in 1997.He continued in 2000 with another hit TV series ", Cecilia Ye Tong, and Paul Chun, which aired in Spring 2007.He has just finished filming a new TV drama, "Da Zhen Fan", which will air later in 2008.Along with his TV success, Alec has released thirty top-selling albums, starting as a member of the "The Little Tigers" group.