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In her first major newspaper interview to talk about her new charity cookbook, as Pippa Middleton (pictured) arrives, her huge sparkling engagement ring is difficult to ignore (bottom right).

A three-carat diamond with 12 smaller stones, it catches the light every time she moves her hand.

She radiates food health and happiness after getting engaged to financier James Matthews, 41, in July (top right).

The flipside of her celebrity status has seen her the target of social media abuse and a drip, drip, drip of gossip that would destroy the most confident of social butterflies.Now, Pippa Middleton opens up on how it has impacted her and her family.After an embarrassing first foray into writing, with a party-planning book that saw her ridiculed, she now feels like she has the credibility to launch the new project, about something she knows plenty about and is close to her heart, write ANDREW PIERCE and RICHARD KAY.With the new book, Pippa hopes to change people's negative perception of her as a 'privileged socialite'.Neil Acourt, 40, one of the racist thugs accused of killing Stephen Lawrence in London in 1993, was the mastermind behind a £4 million cannabis smuggling ring, it can be revealed today.

Acourt and his brother Jamie, who likened themselves to the Krays, were among five youths arrested over the murder of 18-year-old Stephen, but they were never convicted.

All five were named by the Daily Mail as Stephen's killers.

Now it can be revealed that Neil Acourt, his father-in-law Jack Vose, 62, and five others ran a massive drugs racket couriering cannabis across the country between January 2014 and February this year.

Acourt's role can be reported after a trial of one of his alleged lieutenants ended last week.

Sarah Przybylska, prosecuting, told Kingston Crown Court that Acourt - who uses his mother's maiden name Stuart to escape his notoriety over Stephen's murder - was the gang's ringleader.

Many voters turned to the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (Af D), which with 13 per cent of the vote will enter the German capital's parliament for the first time, according to initial projections.