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You try to eat it, but the first time you throw up.Then you keep trying and eventually you can eat it just like anything else. And then his “wise” friend gave him the advice that horrified me the most.

In fact, he took his friend’s advice and reported that “For my blood to go where I needed it to go, I needed to distance myself from my fears, my religion, my mother, Sam and even myself.

So I did, and it happened.” What happened next is even more horrifying to me.

The condom broke, so they went to the drug store the next morning to procure the Plan B pill.

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The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.“Modern Love” college contest, a little piece about the aversion to commitment that runs rampant in what passes for dating these days.It made me sad to see this young writer trying to convince herself that she should stifle her desire for “happily ever after” and instead give in to the here-today-gone-tomorrow world of the modern hook-up.But not nearly as sad as a later article in the series, entitled “Eating the Forbidden Ham Sandwich.” This one was written by a young man trying to overcome his “traditional” upbringing and have sex with his girlfriend.Apparently his conscience was impairing his performance, so he went to a friend for help.The friend told him that overcoming a moral upbringing is like eating pork after growing up in a religious that forbids it.