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Versa (stylized as VERSA) were an American rock duo formed in Port St. The group consisted of Blake Harnage (guitar, vocals, and programming) and Sierra Kay (lead vocals).

After changing their name to Versa, the duo self-released the EP Neon on January 21, 2014.

Although the band were considered part of the emo pop scene and compared to other emo female-fronted bands, Versa's music style included experimental rock, space rock and electronic rock, as being influenced by artist Björk and band Muse.

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The band recorded their first EP, Cities Built On Sand, in 2007, with new vocalist Spencer Pearson.With the departure of the four members, the band recruited Devin Ingelido from Bury the Ashes in bass.Sierra Kusterbeck auditioned for the vocal position by sending a tape online.She claimed that she was 18 in order to get an audition.She later cleared up this misunderstanding and explained that it was more of a mix-up; she was turning 17 a week from the audition, and she told Harnage on the phone that "I'm 17, my birthday is in a week".

This was misconstrued to mean that she was already 17 and was turning 18, but she actually meant that she would be 17 in a week.

Versa Emerge released their first EP with Kusterbeck on vocals, Perceptions, in May 2008.

They were signed to Fueled by Ramen in 2008, and they released their self-titled EP in 2009 and their debut album Fixed at Zero the following year.

Kay featured on English rapper Professor Green's album At Your Inconvenience, on the track "Avalon".

The track was later used as part of an advertising campaign for the energy drink Relentless.

In mid to late 2011, Kay revealed that she was called to be the face of a line of shoes for Payless, a shoe company, called Brash.