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Born six months apart in Belgrade, Ivanovic and Djokovic have emerged as the standard bearers for an outstanding generation of Serbian players, with both scaling the top of the rankings and tasting Grand Slam success along the way. "We've know each other since we were four and he was just starting out in tennis.

We shared lot of fun moments, starting at the under 10 and under 12 tournaments we played together in Serbia.

"You would play two or three matches a day, but in between there was nothing to do so you'd play games like hide and seek all the time." And this appetite for fun and games, for Djokovic at least, is still alive and well in the senior ranks, as Ivanovic found out the hard way at this year's Hopman Cup.

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"But although it's great to see him at the top, it gives him more chances to embarrass and imitate me! " The pair's ability to look on the bright side of life is all the more admirable considering their childhood growing up in war-torn Belgrade. The very first day it started I was actually on the practice court. I don't know if you noticed in the Hopman Cup, when we played mixed doubles, the Gangnam style song came on and he made me dance. They came in and said, 'Look, we heard it's going to start tonight. You better go back home and just stop the practice.' "The coach was like, 'Yeah, sure, we just finish the basket.' But they're like, 'No, no, no, we go now.'" NATO's bombing of Belgrade would last for nearly three months, and while it would eventually lead to the withdrawal of Yugoslav troops from Kosovo, it failed to keep Ivanovic off the practice court. Novak Djokovic of the UAE Royals, Ana Ivanovic and Sania Mirza of the Indian Aces in Dubai private airport after taking the private players flight from Delhi, India to Dubai prior to the Coca-Cola International Premier Tennis League fourth leg at the Hamdan Sports Complex, December 10, 2014 in Dubai.Her first high-profile relationship was with Fernando Verdasco.

The pair was together from November 2008 to January 2009.After the break-up, Ana said that she intends to devote herself to her career and that love would be on hold. They separated after Ana’s poor form led to the sliding in her rankings.On the other hand, Verdasco had a bit of a hard time to get over Ana. They reunited in 2011, but then separated for good one year later.However, it seemed that everything went for better for Ana when she started dating Mark Stillitano, a friend of Novak Djokovic, who also introduced them.Marko came with her to Belgrade, where she introduced him to her family, but the happiness did not last long as the pair split in June this year.While their personalities may be poles apart, the friendship that Ana Ivanovic and Novak Djokovic forged as juniors over two decades ago remains as strong as ever.