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Tori is having a hard time finding a present for Trina, since it's almost her "Birthweek." She calls it a "Birthweek" because she thinks a birthday is not enough of a celebration.

When the big day came, Tori sang You're The Reason. After performing the song, Trina asked where was her present, which made Tori furious and tell her the real gift. So she rushed everybody outside in the pouring rain to talk to her personally. Cat: Well, for my last birthday, I thought my parents were going to get me a bike, but then I got home and my brother was cutting off his hair and my mom started yelling and-- Tori: Jade? When Trina said that she failed in getting her a present, Tori gave her a flash drive of the song. Then Trina walked in and told her that she sold the song to her friend's uncle, who owns a record label, used the money to buy a hat (which she now considers as Tori's present), and got to record the song professionally. Tori ended up being furious, and giving Trina the garbage coffee.

While recording, the producers found out that Trina wasn't the real vocalist. Trina fixed the problem by calling Tori and André to go to the studio. While Tori was recording the song, the producer gets a call from his friend and, is later revealed that he (the producer's friend), played the song for Beyoncé. [Sinjin stands and hurries away] Tori: Suggestions for birthweek presents for Trina. The producer said that she freaked out to the song and she wants her to record it professionally. Sinjin: [Leaning on his hand and looking at Jade dreamily] Ahhh. So the producers quickly leave, leaving Tori, André, and Trina at the recording studio, with the lights off. Robbie attempts to teach his inept grandmother how to use the internet.