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Hold the front page, call off the search, rewrite the dictionaries and the history books… The words can no longer be used to describe something that is "eagerly pursued or sought-after", because two Spanish historians have pursued, sought – and found – the religious relic. Such is the excitement that has greeted the discovery by Margarita Torres and Jose Manuel Ortega del Rio that the chapel where the ornate chalice is housed has been forced to remove it from view after it was besieged by visitors.

Curators at the Basilica of San Isidoro in the north-western city of Leon (where Torres's university is also conveniently situated) say that they are now looking for a larger exhibition space.

A phone call to Richard Barber ought to provide the answer.An esteemed academic now in his seventies, he has specialised in medieval history and literature for several decades.In 2004, he published The Holy Grail: The History of a Legend, in which he embarked on his own quest to explore the cultural impact and significance of the non-existent cup (or was it a dish…?Šioje knygoje aš aprašiau tokią Lietuvą, kokią jaučiu.Aš iš tikrųjų didžiuojuosi, kad esu lietuvė, ir labai myliu šitą kraštą.

Norėčiau, kad ir jūs pajustumėte tą pasididžiavimą, kurį surašiau į knygą.

Galbūt čia nerasite itin naujų dalykų, bet kiekvienas rasite šį tą nauja – tai pažadu.

Bent jau detalę, kurią galėsite įlipinti į savo žinojimo ir meilės dėlionę. Kad ją įteikdami galėtumėte pasakyti: tai kraštas, kuriame gimiau.

O įteikti galite savo vaikams, draugams, tėvams ir nepažįstamiems užsieniečiams. – Autorė For many readers this may be a first date with our country.

We hope it leads to the start of a strong bond – perhaps even love.

Lithuania on a First Date includes a compact disc, compiled by musicologist Viktoras Gerulaitis, which aims to introduce you to the music of Lithuania.