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Your task is then to build decks with these cards; it doesn't matter if you have several hundred cards in your collection.

What matters is what cards you select for the deck that you bring into battle.

This makes it both a game of skill and deliberation (how do you build your deck for each scenario or battle? How well do you manage different units simultaneously?

The game can be played cooperatively with other players as you battle a computer opponent, or head-to-head in player-versus-player games.

There is a resource system in the game, but it's not one predicated on chopping down trees or mining ore like it is in other RTS games.

There are online collectible card games, of course.

Magic: The Gathering, the granddaddy of all modern CCGs, has a digitized version that plays exactly like the physical game, only it's online.

Battle Forge, from EA and its EA Phenomic studio, from Germany, looks to put a twist on online CCGs.

This game features the card collecting and deck building of CCGs, but blends a real-time strategy mechanic of you being able to control fantastic creatures and powerful spells on a battlefield.

EA introduced Battle Forge earlier this year, and as the game approached its closed beta we recently got another look at it.

On first inspection, Battle Forge looks like a typical CCG.

A big part of the game is to collect cards that come in varying degrees of frequency.

There are common cards, uncommon cards, and rare cards. These cards represent different things in the fantasy world of Battle Forge, everything from dragons to magical towers to spells.