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When men and women reach a certain age, they suddenly discover that they want to meet younger companions.

Dating younger people improves the quality of life for a mature person, bringing fresh spirit and perspectives to a stagnant routine.

Sugar Daddies who were once jaded feel their hostility and sarcasm melt away because the Sugar Baby at their side opens broad new avenues for understanding the world again.When the angst of age has dissipated, an older person can release stress, smile more, and enjoy the wisdom of their years while delicately balancing well-timed impulse; even wisdom dictates that spontaneity has its benefits.In addition to the psychological benefits of having a younger companion, an older man or woman will enjoy physical benefits.Even after their physical prime, mature people find in their younger mates an incentive to stay in shape and with great results.Just take a look at the photos of French Prime Minister Sarkozy before and after he married bombshell Carla Bruni.

Even Mel Gibson quit smoking so he can keep up with his young wife and baby.

When a mature person has a younger companion, he or she can keep up on trends.

While it is not necessary or even desirable at times to be trendy, staying current is important.

For business moguls, staying up on the current cultural trends could determine the outcome of important money-making decisions. On the same token, an older man may want a younger companion for her fashion sense.

He may want to dress to impress but needs a fresh set of eyes to determine a modern color palate; his employees are too polite to tell him that chartreuse was outmoded forty years ago.

Besides feeling younger, looking hotter, and getting the scoop on the hip trends, a mature person gets an added sense of self-esteem from their dewy-eyed counterparts.