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Lawrence Chernin is the creator of Brainiac Dating, the site for smart singles and winner of the 2011 Readers’ Choice award for top niche dating site on

He publishes the Smart Dating Newsletter on to give his followers fresh daily content, from celebrity to cerebral. Brainiac Dating is a niche site with over 30,000 users.

It’s for singles who consider intelligence a key factor in picking a partner.

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I was frustrated with my lack of success on other dating sites so I created a site to meet my match.It was also a programming project as I wanted to discover how to build a website on my own, which involved learning PHP programming. I worked in the field of chip design in Silicon Valley, creating engineering software for chips that are used in cellphones, cameras and other gadgets.You may likely own a device that I may have had a small part in designing.I did that kind of work for about a dozen years, following several years doing astronomy research on the formation of stars.I tried to better solve the mystery of how stars are made, and it meant traveling to many remote mountain tops to get away from city lights.

That was many years ago, a lot of fun, and also so very interesting.Now I am working for Disney Interactive Media on social games!So as you can see I like to keep doing different things.On Brainiac, there’s no need to dumb down to meet your match.The profile questions are geared to more thoughtful responses and users often interact in the forums and blogs, as well as playing challenging mind games.I think of a smart person as someone who is adventurous, likes to explore, read and travel or compose music, for example.