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It may be factually accurate that Swedes work some of the shortest hours in Europe and savour and respect work-life balance.However among the 100 or so contacts I have built up in Stockholm over the past 13 months, not one of them works for an employer offering such compressed hours.From expats in the startup scene to Swedes with jobs in schools, media organizations or at major Nordic brands, I am unaware of anybody who gets to go home before their afternoon coffee break.Yet, after reviewing the global press over the past few days, most people outside Sweden would, just like that British journalist, be easily forgiven for thinking that all Swedes are clocking off en masse at 3pm.Toyota centres in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, moved to shorter days 13 years ago.

A district council in Kiruna, in Sweden's far north offered 250 staff a six-hour work day in the 1980s (scrapping the method in 2005).The most high-profile case in recent months is of a retirement home in west Sweden which started trialling a six-hour day in February, following long discussions about the experiment. Since then a few companies have announced that they are also testing the concept, including a number of startups quite obviously hoping to make a name for themselves.These include Filimundus, an app developer based in Stockholm which must be cracking open some Swedish 'snaps' this week after being quoted by media across the globe, and Background AB, a creative communication agency in Falun, Dalarna.Most of those trialling the idea have reported a positive impact, from increased efficiency to better communication and fewer staff sick days.So, it makes sense that other companies could soon start taking up the mantle.Meanwhile an Australian-born lawyer told The Local it was "hard to be humourous" about the false buzz around working hours in Sweden, when she'd recently found herself "writing legal memos at 1am on a Friday".