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Christianity afforded the possibility of unifying the many diverse ethnic and linguistic peoples of the Aksumite kingdom, a goal of Ezana's leadership.

Again we see similarities between the political motives for the expansion of Islam in Africa.

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The introduction of the ahistorical "" image of Jesus has done considerable damage to the African mind.Even in Ethiopia this image has been recently introduced by Europe and has been replacing traditional dark-skinned images of Jesus.Many, are now challenges this and returning the images of Jesus to an more realistic one of a man who comes from a hot climate.Ethiopia is home to the oldest Christian tradition in the world, as well as the oldest tradition of Islam outside of Saudi Arabia.Christianity was in Ethiopia (Abyssinia) long before there was an Anglican church, long before it was the state religion of Italy.

The adoption of Christianity in Ethiopia dates to the fourth-century reign of the Aksumite emperor Ezana.The kingdom was located along major international trade routes through the Red Sea between India and the Roman empire.Ethiopia was always part of the historical Biblical world, and had seen adherents to the Jewish doctrine.The legend of Queen Sheeba and her encounter with Solomon is legendary in this region.Christianity, like Islam in West Africa was brought to Aksum via merchants.Ezana's decision to adopt Christianity helped solidify his trading relationship with the Roman Empire.