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In the release, Starbucks also promises that the menu will be “complemented with in-store experiences designed to facilitate connection and celebrate love, including special in-store music playlists chosen by Starbucks employees, and photo props to document and share your #Starbucks Date.” The hope is that customers around the world will use the hashtag to spark the world’s largest coffee date.

While Valentine’s Day may be the impetus, the Meet at Starbucks will be a permanent feature on

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“We’re really happy to have an actual spot for people to meet," Slotnick said."We’re trying to help harness that serendipity that naturally happens between two people — and maybe give it a little bit of a push.” The cafe, which serves coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company, is part of the city's new effort to energize the publicly owned private spaces — known as POPs — that run along Water Street. , includes a variety of activities and events through Labor Day, to help reinvigorate the Sandy-hit neighborhood.At the cafe, as matchmaker-baristas serve up coffee they also try to find out if the customer is single.A coffee shop date can be a good way to get to know someone.Not as committing as a dinner, but a buzzing place where conversation tends to flow freely – at least that is what Starbucks is proposing with its latest collaboration with

Over three million profiles on Match mention “coffee and conversation” as interests, which makes this collaboration a fitting one.Now, when couples want to suggest where to meet for a first date, they can click a button that says “Meet at Starbucks” – the first branded date option on the matchmaking website.The Meet at Starbucks feature allows Match members to send an invitation to another person to meet at a nearby Starbucks, and then connects to the Starbucks store locator.Along with this feature, and Starbucks will be celebrating Valentine’s Day – or at least the day before, February 13th – in a grand way.Starbucks will be hosting the “World’s Largest Starbucks Date”, encouraging sweethearts to come into Starbucks and try its special pairings menu.The pairing menu includes coffee for two and a double chocolate chunk brownie, a tall flat white with a chocolate croissant, and a raspberry mocha with a heart cookie.