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Daughters' Love: As Caitlyn is reuniting with all her friends before their road trip, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner drop by the house for a visit and meet the whole crew for the first time.Chandi takes the opportunity to commend the sisters for their understanding and support throughout their dad's transition."I know this has not been the easiest thing for you guys to wrap your heads around, but you guys are being real troopers, real troopers about it," she tells them."We appreciate all the love you give to Cait and to our full community because we need it.We totally need it.""I think she got pretty lucky," Kendall replies."We're all very open, accepting, nonjudgmental people—like, our whole family."3.

Keeps Gettin' Better: Kylie opens up to Chandi and Jenny and tells them she's closer to her dad now than ever before. Although the trip is supposed to be fun, Chandi is already prepared for the fireworks to fly when they're all stuck together in a bus with no escape."I feel like a year before her transition I feel like there was just a lot on her mind and we didn't really connect," she says. Now, I feel like we connect a lot more and we spend a lot more time together. Road Trip: The ladies pack up their suitcases—lots and lots of suitcases—and hit the highway for their cross-country road trip. "The bus is totally amazing and being in that type of confinement there's never going to be any place for Caitlyn to run on this trip," she says."Being around so many girls for that length of time is going to make her or break her."5. Girl Talk: As the wine and beer starts to flow on their road trip, the conversation quickly turns to the topic of dating and relationships.Exit Denied: When the girls stop for lunch on their trip, poor Chandi accidentally gets left behind and subsequently locked on the bus. Chandi puts Cait in the hot seat by asking if she plans to date a woman in the future.As the rest of group digs into their meals, she is stuck inside yelling and banging on the windows to be freed. Caitlyn confesses she can't imagine herself being in a lesbian relationship at all. I just don't see it."Instead, Cait admits she would be open to a romance with a man and the idea of being taken care of."To be honest with you, I can't see myself dating women in the future," she says. "If I was in a relationship with a guy, I would enjoy being treated like that—opening doors for you, doing all what you think is the traditional stuff in a guy and a girl relationship," she says.