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I cancelled a date with someone else just so I could go out on a first date with him.

At that moment, I stopped comparing or waiting for something else .

I ran with the present moment because I connected with my inner fun and put forth the effort to engage with this other person because the connection and quality was there. This article that Green puts together for Dallas Single Mom really speaks to me because both Ironman and I have a mutual friend who is doing the exact same things in the article and pulling around a “friends with benefits” relationship.

I didn’t need to look for something else, because I knew that THING was there. There is nothing wrong with FWB but the couple in real life that we know, seem to suffer a lot of jealousy and anguish over that while they continue to search for greener pastures. Read on for some great questions to ask yourself about online dating from Kelly Green. 3 Questions to Ask Yourself” is written by Kelly Green, author of the yet to be released book “ Green FOMO—a.k.a, Fear Of Missing Out—can keep the best of us from recognizing a good thing when we have it.

I identify with the article that I am about to share with you about dating.

Most of what is written I have done myself and so the feelings associated with each of these questions might be actions you have done yourself.

Everyone knew me as the queen of dating (I am Dallas Single Mom) and I had created a dating system that was phenomenal for me.Yet even if I got the dates, I wasn’t really happy.There were times when I would have a dating hiatus (usually in the winter since I am from Texas and hate cold) but each time I dined alone and studied the couples out on dates, I marveled on those that were actively engaged and not on their phones swiping Tinder.I really wanted a serious connection but I couldn’t bring myself to believe that.I have been in a relationship with Dallas Single Dad (aka Ironman) now for close to a year in a committed relationship.We will celebrate our anniversary on the next full moon in Libra (our first Date in Deep Ellum) and I can admit that the activities presented in questions #1 and #2 below were a part of my dating life at the time.