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As was my habit, I read scripture before picking up my other books.

I read Isaiah -11, and just as I read that very last sentence, I looked up and saw an old friend approaching.

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If Wiktionary does not have the definition yet, consider moving the whole article to Wiktionary by replacing this tag with the template Copy to Wiktionary.Interfaith dating and interfaith marriage may—or may not—be undertaken in the expectation of converting one's partner, though it is not uncommon for romantic partners to seek to persuade one another to change when there are areas of disunity.By Kelli Mahoney Unless you go to a Christian school where you only meet devout Christian teens, it is likely that you will have friends that are non-Christians.When Campus Crusade for Christ was still blissfully misnomered in all its politically incorrect glory, I became a radical campus evangelist. Because childhood faith became real, and I got serious about God.I was in university and I was going to make my days count.

This, to the chagrin of one very charming, very “non-Christian” motorcycle-riding love interest of mine.

So one day, I sat him down (me all nervous and shaky, him bemused and quizzical) in the University library. I’m sure I stumbled over every word and made the gospel sound like a poor sales pitch. We can’t be together…the most important person in my life is Jesus and we can’t share that…”“It’s not,” he insisted.

But he politely pocketed my stick drawing of God, the cliff, the cross, and humanity and we (mercifully) didn’t talk about it for a while. New Years’ Eve seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it. To my horror, his playboy persona disintegrated and he began to tear up.

But the Holy Spirit got to me (that or the persistent naggings of very loving friends) and I knew that I would have to do more than share my faith. So as all our friends were counting down inside a house party, the two of us hunkered down in his car, breathing out steam in the cold prairie winter air. I shall spare you my reaction — and the rest of the sap.

Suffice it to say, we broke up, and that was the end of my missionary dating days, as well as a very severe wrist-slap for dabbling in dalliances that I knew would end up nowhere.

About half a year later, my hormones had settled down and I was sitting in the University cafeteria studying.