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However it does include adopted children who came to live with the family from an early age.

Using birth order to find a compatible match can be a complicated matter, especially for middle children, for those who experienced the early loss of a parent or sibling, or for those who had significantly greater than average parental conflict.In some cases, especially for firstborns and lastborns, it is relatively easy to predict who a good match would be based on birth order.Various theoretical considerations come into play, including the work of Walter Toman, Robert F.Childhood is a period of development that can have a deep effect upon our character, and our future relationships with the opposite sex.Crucial to that development is the behavioural effect determined by the existence of brothers and sisters, and the birth order in which each one of us found ourselves. Someone's birth order is the position occupied by that person during childhood in relation to his or her siblings.

This could be one of several positions: When assessing compatibility between two people, their respective birth orders are a relevant consideration.

The chart below provides a score for each of the identified relationships which should be added or subtracted to the total compatibility score awarded by the Compatibility program.

However, these scores should not be included without also including scores from the Yin/Yang balance as calculated in the Element Chart program.

For example, the second line in the chart shows how the Yin/Yang balance could affect the score of a relationship between two 'only' children.

If she has 4 yangs in her Element Chart, and he has 4 Yins (as shown), then the relationship will be much more balanced. Note: The guidance above assumes that the age gap between any two consecutive siblings is no more than 6 years.

It also assumes that none of the children are step-children, half-brothers or half-sisters.