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The bride and close female members of her family have henna painted on their hands and feet while the rest of the family celebrate with songs.

It is an opportunity to sing songs, eat, drink and dance the night away.Among Gujaratis, Raas Garba is a favoured alternative.These are held in a hall and involve traditional dance (Garba), and dandia raas (dancing with sticks).Marriage in the Hindu religion is the 13th of the 16 ceremonies in a person's life.It is a sacrament and as such is solemnised in accordance with the VEDAS, the holy scriptures of the Hindu religion that date back several thousand years.

Hindu Ceremonies seem to last for hours, days or even weeks.

Although the wedding itself is held on one day, there are a number of ceremonies that are usually held on separate days preceding the wedding:', the Ring Ceremony) - this event is held to exchange the gold wedding rings.

The couple welcome each other with garlands and sweets are exchanged between the two families.

The engagement is often completed a dinner party for friends and relatives.

Among Gujarati families the bride's family presents the 'Matli', which consists of significant quantities savoury snacks and Indian sweets, to the groom's.

- This is a festive occasion celebrated by the bride's family.