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28, 2006--Continuing its nearly six-decade-long tradition (dating from 1936) in inventing and marketing professional-level photographic instruments for amateur photographers and consumers, Argus Cameras today announced the first truly easy-to-use, fully-featured 5 Mega Pixel (ultra-high resolution) digital camera with 3X (times) optical zoom, available at a break-through suggested retail price of 9.99.

The new Five Mega Pixel Argus Quick Clix 5340 is one more example of our ability to create the highest-level digital imaging technology within a cost-conscious economic environment.

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Argus Cameras of Chicago, Illinois is currently expanding its line of consumer-friendly digital cameras.Argus is currently scheduled to launch a 5MP digital camera at less than 0 early this month and is planning to increase its range of sub digital cameras, all under its "more quality for less" marketing mantra.Founded in 1936, the Argus Camera Company has a long tradition of simplifying photographic technology and introducing affordable products to American consumers.Known for inexpensive yet high-quality products, Argus is credited with "changing photography from a class hobby to a mass pastime" (Fortune Mag. In fact, because of its prominence with American servicemen during World War II, the Smithsonian Institute crowned the --affectionately referred to as the "Brick"--which remains best selling camera model in history at 3,000,000 units.Following the success of the C3, during the 1940s Argus introduced the Argoflex Camera (a twin lens reflex camera), followed by the A2.

Throughout the 1950s and into the 1980s Argus expanded its product line to include movie cameras, projectors and professional photographic studio cameras. Armed with the business practices and marketing mantra that brought photography to the American public, Argus revolutionized digital photography in 2000 by introducing the first fully featured digital camera priced less than .00.

However, during the Korean Conflict, Argus regained its position as the leading supplier of cameras to American servicemen--in addition, Argus became the leading supplier of binoculars, periscopes and gun sights to the U. Today, "more quality for less," is the marketing mantra that continues to drive the Argus Camera Company.

The Argus C3 is probably the most popular camera of the so called American way of life.

Made during almost thirty years, it's a very nostalgic piece of American history.

It was an upgraded version of the Argus C and Argus C2, adding a rangefinder gear and flash synchronization.

The Argus C3 was a low cost and good quality camera.