Dating in a digital world

Applications such as Facetime, Skype, Twitter, and Instagram provide people with the opportunity to communicate 24/7, regardless each individual’s environment.

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It is evident that digital culture can affect romantic relationships in multiple ways.The aim of our project is to investigate its various influences while taking into account the recent Pew survey on how American couples use digital technology to manage life, logistics, and emotional intimacy within their relationships (Pew). v=fnuwje TSksw The following skit illustrates the positive impact of technology on relationships.The beneficial effects of digital communication are particularly apparent in long-distance relationships, as it allows the couple to connect regardless of their individual environment.Becoming a digital business is a journey built on many initiatives that will require a lot of experiments and course correction. You need to build on a foundation that can help you innovate at speed, keep up with change, and prepare you for whatever comes next. New thinking gets mired in complexity and security challenges.

That's what makes Cisco your foundation for digital transformation.

By: Caroline Andryc, Eliza Breed, Piper Brighton, Allie Deering and Mia Webber

v=Y9z Nvamo5z4 Nvamo5z4 For our group project, we decided to focus on the impact of digital culture on romantic relationships.

As seen in the video, social media and technology are very present forces in our society and seemingly necessary for a relationship to function.

In order to explore this complex topic, we looked into the ways in which social media and technology both negatively and positively affect relationships.

Advances in technology have allowed people to connect and communicate in new and incredible ways.