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Newport's shopping districts include: Broad Street, lower Thames Street, Thames Street, Spring Street, Brick Market, Bellevue Avenue and Bowen's and Bannister's Wharves. Copies available at the Newport County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Tour guides are available by contacting the Newport Historical Society The AIA Newport Walking Guide by Ron Onorato (2007) is indispensable for those interested in Newport's architectural history.

For the Colonial era, Washington Square, nearby Clarke and Division Streets, as well as the entire Point neighborhood has an enormous degree of architectural integrity.

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Touro Synagogue (1763), the oldest Synagogue in the United States.Colony House (1741), one of Rhode Island's four Colonial capitols, and site of the filming of the courthouse scene in the movie Armistead.Brick Market (1772) is Newport's original center of commerce, now occupied by the Museum of Newport History.Newport has a unique combination of qualities that attracts millions from all over the world every year.We have authentic historic sites, fine art and architecture, outstanding yachting, fishing, golfing and beaches, internationally-acclaimed events, spectacular wedding venues, and a charming ocean side location.

Newport was one of the largest and most important Colonial seaports in the British Empire before the American Revolution, and is the birthplace of religious freedom.Newport was the first City in World history where all people were allowed to express themselves freely, worship without interference, and governed by an elected, secular government.The King Charles II Charter of 1663, drafted by Newport physician and minister John Clarke, provided the first formal conveyance of these freedoms to the people of a geopolitical entity.Newport is the last intact wooden city in North America, with over 300 buildings dating before the American Revolution.Our Gilded Age mansions are not only a time capsule of a period when America was becoming an economic power, but are a product of the artistic talent of some of the finest architects in American history.For this, in 2007, the US National Park Service recognized Newport as "worthy" of World Heritage designation. "Newport's Old Quarter, the Arts and Culture Neighborhood" is a delightful walking tour map directing visitors to the cultural and historic sites of Colonial Newport.