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Guys & Girls: Coming from a conservative area, many people are very different from me, but for the most part, people are extremely nice, but not very open to other views, especially if you do not have a long conversation with them.Guys & Girls: The students are for the most part friendly and diverse.There are a lot of international students at Wooster so there are always opportunities to learn more about different cultures by befriending them and attending international events that occur frequently.

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It would be no surprise to hear that your teammate on the basketball team is also a chemistry major and on the school newspaper.It's because of students’ unique combination of interests that unexpected friendships and relationships blossom at the College. People aren’t overly concerned with appearances, and you will often see couples wearing sweatpants, drinking coffee, and studying for midterms together in the library.Although the small college atmosphere gives a relationship a certain level of comfort, it can also put a damper on the romance.Be careful who you talk to about your relationship because before you know it, everyone on campus will know you and your significant other's business.Yes The Longbrake Wellness Center must provide women with a free gynecologist exam before birth control can be administered.

Several types of oral contraceptives and the Nuva Ring can then be purchased by prescription.Free condoms and dental dams are also available and can be picked up without appointment.Condoms are also often given out by resident assistants.Gynecological appointments are available at the Longbrake Wellness Center Monday and Thursday afternoon and can be made by calling (330) 263-2319.Students are very involved at the College of Wooster, which breaks down the traditional barriers of groups and cliques.This isn't to say that cliques don't exist, but because of students' involvement on campus, they are unable to be defined by only one group.