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Dear friends, some of my readers are wondering why such incredibly beautiful women from Ukraine and Russia are looking for a man from the West.

And I am sure that an “average” guy from the West can give all this things to his wife from Ukraine.But some men do not want or cannot believe in my statements.That’s why I decided to tell you about the male/female sex ratio in Ukraine and Russia and explain you with the help of statistical facts why not every woman from Ukraine and Russia can find her match in her home country, thence she seeks him abroad.These three words relate to the anthropology aspect of the percentage of males to females within a population.The sex ratio is about 1:1 for most types of creatures.

For humans the lesser sex ratio at birth is generalized to be 105 male to 100 female.

This places the sex ratio for the entire world to be 101 males to 100 females.

Focusing on the Ukraine area, the human sex ratio is 0.852 male/female ratio as of the end of 2012.

The sex ratio at birth was 1.065 male/female ratios.

Within the popular demographic of 15 to 64 year olds the sex ratio is 0.917 male/female.

As I know, the official tally of female to males is 10 to 9 in Ukraine.