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Model turned actress Mugdha Godse admits dating actor Rahul Dev.When asked about her relationship with Rahul, a blushing Mugdha Godse said,"We are more than friends and it's a special feeling." Read More...

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” before trying to set you up with her friends, right? We all have certain compatibility points we’d like to meet, it’s natural.” Parents’ are also realizing, over the past 15 years, that their first and second generation children aren’t going to easily trust their recommendations.

The days of “we know a girl through Tina Aunty’s cousin’s sister-in-law’s brother” are sort of long gone. Rahul Bhardwaj is the Co-founder and Product Manager at Two, the fastest growing global dating site for South Asians.

He is also an investor and advisor to companies in the Web, Mobility, Gaming and Cloud Computing space.

An entrepreneur and product engineering expert, Rahul was the co-founder at Vayyoo, a SM web to mobile solutions company he successfully exited in 2009.

His other achievements include – leading Fortune 50 Enterprise divisions with global Saa S solutions , bringing Canada’s first Microsoft Innovation Center to life, and winning numerous Microsoft Product awards judged by Bill Gates.

When not working on his startups, Rahul spends a majority of his time guest lecturing on Entrepreneurship and Product Engineering at various Colleges and Universities, and is also an active Board member of various student technology and arts organizations including – Junior Achievement, Children’s Peace Theater and the EPIC Technology Foundation.Why did you start a South Asian dating site especially when there are so many other sites out there?My usual short answer to this question is: ask any user of any South Asian dating site if they are happy with their experience of what’s out there today, and you’ll most certainly understand why there’s a need for a better solution.Simply put, what’s out there is just not built well enough to give users an enjoyable, comfortable experience, and more importantly, hefty fees are charged for imperfect products.This is true for dating and matrimonial sites, alike.Also, like every Entrepreneur whose product has a personal connection to them, my own site is tied to my personal story.