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Apache or NGINX) without having to go through the entire Rails stack.While this is super fast it can't be applied to every situation (such as pages that need authentication).

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This allows authentication and other restrictions to be run while still serving the result of the output from a cached copy.

Dynamic web applications usually build pages with a variety of components not all of which have the same caching characteristics.

When different parts of the page need to be cached and expired separately you can use Fragment Caching.

This guide is an introduction to speeding up your Rails application with caching.

Caching means to store content generated during the request-response cycle and to reuse it when responding to similar requests.

Caching is often the most effective way to boost an application's performance.

Through caching, web sites running on a single server with a single database can sustain a load of thousands of concurrent users.

Rails provides a set of caching features out of the box.

This guide will teach you the scope and purpose of each one of them.

Master these techniques and your Rails applications can serve millions of views without exorbitant response times or server bills.

After reading this guide, you will know: This is an introduction to three types of caching techniques: page, action and fragment caching. In order to use page and action caching you will need to add Page caching is a Rails mechanism which allows the request for a generated page to be fulfilled by the webserver (i.e.