Dating someone with a colostomy

Learning to take care of your colostomy may seem hard at first, but with practice and time it will become second nature, just like shaving or bathing.

It’s not hard to do, but getting to the point where you feel comfortable takes learning, practice, the right supplies, and a positive attitude.

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The real change is having the stool come out of an opening made on your belly. This guide offers you tips and ideas that you can discuss with your doctor or ostomy nurse and adapt to your needs.Give new things a fair trial, but don’t keep doing them if they don’t make you more comfortable.Use your recovery time to learn and try different things so that you can find what works best for you. Talking about stool and bowel movements can be awkward or uncomfortable. At first, it will be hard to tell what your stools will be like or when they’ll come out.But while you learn how to deal with the changes that have been made, you may need help and advice. The doctor and ostomy nurse will work with you to find the best way to contain the stool so you won’t be surprised or embarrassed. The choice depends on your type of colostomy, your usual bowel function, and your personal preference.A good sense of humor and common sense are needed when changes in body function take place. A transverse colostomy will put out stool no matter what you do.

Keep in mind these points: For more on care, see the section called “Caring for a colostomy.” You can treat the bowel movement through a colostomy like a normal movement through the anus; just let it happen naturally.

But, unlike the anal opening, the colostomy does not have a sphincter muscle that can stop the passage of stool.

This means you must wear a pouch to collect anything that might come through, whether it’s expected or not.

There are many lightweight pouches that are hard to see under clothes.

They stick to the skin around the colostomy and may be worn all the time, or only as needed.

Some people with a descending or sigmoid colostomy find that by eating certain foods at certain times, they can make the bowel move at a time that works best for them.