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It’s OK, there’s still time.’ Positive Thinking is thinking. If you are already in an abusive situation, the perspective of this article may not always serve you, so please take caution in how you interpret this article.

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Our intent is not to put the blame on you, as you are not to blame.

We want you to know that we respect the man you are today, and honor you for being a man.

If you find feminine women hard to understand, know that it’s not hard at all.…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade63 Comments “If the woman is being stupid and he’s being a jerk admit to both.

Learn relationship advice that works to create more attraction and more passion and more connection as the years go on. When there isn’t enough attraction and connection in a dating situation, things will fizzle out – no matter how much we want to hold on.

Instead having things fizzle and experiencing infidelity in your relationship, learn the best relationship tools now to prevent being hurt later. In these situations, when a man pulls away, it means that we should…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade4,565 Comments Our intention to stay connected to a man in an argument is worth gold.

Renee Wade6 Comments Dancing Naked, Slut Shaming and Shit Sex She barged into my room without knocking. Our intention to hold on to resentment and the need to be right in an argument is worth nothing.

” But what if you and I…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade27 Comments He pursued this 47 year old woman on Facebook for one year. She discovered that he was pursuring other women, and he disappeared. There’s a plethora of people who don’t let themselves feel the devastation and the loneliness that comes with having a sudden and accurate perception that their social network and even…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade327 Comments Sometimes when a man pulls away, it’s because there was no actual emotional attraction in the first place.

Don’t think I don’t know exactly what you were doing.”…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade27 Comments High Powered Career, Trust and Your Relationship with Great Men As a graduated student with a double degree in Law/Arts, I perfectly understand the desire to keep a well-earned career. Click here to take the quiz on “How High Value High Status Am I on Facebook? Renee Wade21 Comments Is there a high value way to deal with judgemental assholes? She doesn’t like me because I am not in control like her and don’t have everything figured out and I go with the flow. And then, I can’t be myself at work.”…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade23 Comments It can take courage to feel that somebody in our life is not in fact loyal; they are just one among the people hanging around us.

Any one of us can live our lives from the place of needing to be right. It…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade40 Comments One too many a woman has protested my advice in anger, stating that we shouldn’t have to understand men, because what are men doing for US? But Renee, what about the fact that not all men are the same?

And what about the fact that understanding men is being…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade34 Comments Have you ever thought; ‘if I can avoid feeling pain, why shouldn’t I? In fact, we as humans naturally have a drive to prefer comfort over pain.

’ Or even thought ‘why feel pain if you don’t have to? Most of us in the world spend…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade77 Comments ‘I haven’t found a job in 8 months, but I know I will, it’s OK.’ ‘I’m 45 and I’ve never had children and I have always wanted them. And much to my frustration, depending on when and how…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade167 Comments Warning: Abuse can be a very serious and very sensitive issue for many women…