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Dating To – the Internet’s second most popular “dating tip” site for men with over 1,000,000 unique visitors per month), the author of “Dating To Relating – From A To Z” (available In his fifties, Mr. Rx has some times been called the “Observational Guru” rather than a “Dating Guru” as it is his ability to observe throughout his fifty plus years of experience that allows him to share dozens of unique dating and relationship strategies that apply to different personality types and different situations. Rx’s techniques and strategies work for any man no matter what he looks like. A: ( 1-2 minutes) HOW TO PICK UP WOMEN IN BARS AND CLUBS – How to maintain multiple sexual relationships without lying to anyone. A: ( 1-2 minute) A: ( 1 minute) Q3: How often should a guy get sex in a healthy loving relationship?

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Rx believes that successful relationships develop from sane dating habits and technique, and that communication, observation, and create are the foundations of a successful relationship. How to Pick up women in bars and clubs How To Get Laid every night by a different woman – Non- traditional relationships – arrangements – is it prostitution or practicality? How To Get Your Wife Or Girlfriend To Want More Sex. Foreplay – How To Meet Women, Attract Women, And Relate To Women Sexually How To Make Love To A Woman How To Create A Lasting Relationship. Q5: What is this thing with “friends only” that a lot of guys seem to run into all the time? A: ( 1 minute)Q2: What exactly do you look at when you observe feet?

Rx is a firm champion of monogamy when in a committed relationship and a firm believer in “multiple dating” when not in a committed relationship. How To Tell If He or She Is Compatible in 10 Seconds. Q4: What is the biggest mistake that men make with women?

Rx believes in family values and is the proud father of four children (three girls and a boy.) Should Men & Women Multiple or Serial Date, or is that a No No? Q2: I’ve looked at your website and gone to Al, the site that ranks website popularity based on traffic and I noticed that your website, Dating To com has been growing over the last year while all the other major dating Gurus’ sites are declining or stalled. Q3: Now I seem to recall from your website that you are big on multiple relationships, 5 or 6 girlfriends at a time.

A: ( 1 minute) Should Men & Women Multiple Date or should you meet date one person at a time You can get an accurate assessment of a person’s personality in 10 seconds.

How to Pick up women in bars and clubs How To Get Laid every night by a different woman – Non- traditional relationships – arrangements – is it prostitution or practicality?

How to maintain multiple sexual relationships without lying. The differences between men and women isn’t the biggest problem in sexual relationships.-Author of the second most popular dating advice website on the web with over 1,000,000 unique visitors a month.-Author of the poplar dating advice book “Dating To Relating – from A To Z (A Man’s Guide To Understanding Women),” I feel like I understand women for the first time in my life and they apparently can sense it.The most notable change is that I am completely relaxed in the presence of women, even many women, in any circumstance. Rx an entire lifetime of confusion has lifted off me and I can finally understand what is going on with women and how to relate to and deal with them, and with confidence that I am doing the right thing.This has never been the case at any prior time in my entire life. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have found your book.I am a 35 y/o man, recently divorced and was without a clue.