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“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is an exciting world to be in currently as the two most important characters of the series were shown in hiding in Florida.

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If they do, then will they be facing trouble in the name of Jimmy Figgis that awaits their arrival?While the latter still remains unanswered, going by the way Figgis threatened to kill Peralta and Holt, fans should expect some epic drama unfolding in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Season 4, which is expected to premiere this September.As far as the two returning earlier to their precinct is concerned, that might be a possibility as showrunner Dan Goor might just have given some hints about the characters’ future.Although Dan did not elaborate much on this, a report did state that Jake and Holt’s stay in Florida would be short-lived.Maybe it is the duty that calls that will catch up with them or the choice to not stay in hiding despite the fact that a mafia boss is trying to kill them.

Either way, when the two return to their precinct, it would be a small reunion of sorts with Jake and Amy, Jake and Boyle, Jake and Terry, Holt and the precinct and other important pairs reuniting.Australia Network News reported that Jake and Captain Holt’s stint under the witness protection act in Florida would be short-lived.Given this update, the precinct might just get back its Captain and one of the best detectives sooner than expected. News, in other news, added that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Melissa Fumero recently welcomed a baby boy along with husband David.The actress was pregnant with her son during the show’s third season, although her pregnancy was not written in the show.Last week, I read more about Ariana Grande than I ever wanted to.How much of a diva do you have to be to try to start a feud with the human version of ramen noodles?