Demi lovato and trace cyrus dating

Trace has a clothing company called Southern Made Hollywood Paid- maybe he’ll design a kids line next!

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How many people can rock crazy hair colors like Demi does? With all of these fabulous attributes paired with her adorable personality it’s easy to see why so many celebrities have the hots for her.The former judge is a HUGE role model, plus she has overcome so many things throughout her life that celebs crushing on her is a total no-brainer.In addition her her BF Wilmer Valderrama supporting her through her past issues, he has gushed about how amazing she is time and time again.See what other celebs have MAJOR crushes on Demi, including two Brits, below.The legend of Nemi aka Niall and Demi’s romance is pretty well known.

After Demi revealed that she thought Niall was cute (really, who doesn't think this?) fans of One Direction and Demi started to ship them and we don't blame them.Eventually in a game of "Rapid Fire Romance" during a Canadian interview, the 1D boys all wrote down "Niall" when they were shown a picture of the "Made in the USA" singer and asked who likes her. 100%" while Harry Styles said, "Niall dreams dirty things!" Although the two never actually dated we still LOVE the idea of them being together.In 2013, the Union J singer set his sights on Demi.In an interview, the British boy-bander admitted that he thought the "Skyscraper" singer was super cute. " he told reporters when asked about his celeb crush.