Dns updating slow Datingteenssex com

I have two DCs, both have DNS running, one running DHCP.

For some reason DHCP leases are not registered in either DNS server.

Even when registering DNS on the client, nothing is added on the DNS servers.

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On a semi related note: I know this has been a touchy subject some places I have looked. For each DC, what should their local DNS settings be?

This section lists several common DNS problems and explains how to solve them.

If you see event ID 7062 in the event log, the DNS server has sent a packet to itself. Check the following: By default, the Windows 2000 DNS server always uses a fast method of zone transfer.

This method uses compression and includes multiple resource records in each message, substantially increasing the speed of zone transfers. However, BIND 4.9.4 and earlier does not support fast zone transfer.

This is unlikely to be a problem, because when the Windows 2000 DNS Server service is installed, fast zone transfer is disabled by default.

However, if you are using BIND 4.9.4 or earlier, and you have enabled fast zone transfer, you need to disable fast zone transfer.To disable fast zone transfer : Non-existent domain *** Default servers are not available Default Server: Unknown Address: If you see this message, your DNS server is still able to answer queries and host Active Directory.The resolver cannot locate the PTR resource record for the name server that it is configured to use.The properties for your network connection must specify the IP address of at least one name server, and when you start Nslookup, the resolver uses that IP address to look up the name of the server.If the resolver cannot find the name of the server, it displays that error message.However, you can still use Nslookup to query the server.