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And there are ways to do that, to make sure the camera gets the shot you need. Butter and sugar and fat and pork." Now, the owner of Remington's Charm City Cakes is attempting to sweat and diet it all off — that and then some. Nonstop eating garbage over and over and over and over for the camera.

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"This is a journey that I've only been on for a little while," he says."I'm not trying to pass myself off as anything other than a fat dude who doesn't want to be as fat as I am."I'm doing this for me." An epiphany Goldman, 37, was never slim.The "Ace of Cakes" baker recently partnered with chef Art Smith for the #101Gay Weddings campaign, an effort to give 101 same-sex couples a dream wedding. The initiative serves as a way of cementing the importance of marriage equality in our country, the famed cake artist explained in a Huff Post Live conversation on Tuesday."It's 2015... It's like, why deny people weddings because they're homosexual?

It just doesn't make any sense to me," he told host Caitlyn Becker. I'm not gay, but I think this is the right thing to do.""I really try to understand -- what is it besides a religious belief that makes people think this is wrong? "I want someone to be able to explain to me how people getting married affects them.

Duff Goldman quite literally ate his way across America to film the series "Sugar High" last year — from sea to sugary sea. But Goldman not only cares — deeply — he's committed to getting in shape, committed in the same deadly serious workaholic way that helped turn the Baltimore baker into a national commodity.

And we aren't talking Hollywood smoke-and-mirrors eating, where it looks like someone is tasting something but is really spitting it into an off-camera bucket. He's working out intensely almost every day of the week. And if anyone has a problem with it, the former "Ace of Cakes" star doesn't care.

It was real — all too real, as Goldman now realizes. Even though the last thing he wants is to be called a hypocrite — the guy who made his name in cake and now won't eat it, too.

So it might be hard for fans to accept that this caricature of conviviality suddenly cares about his waistline.

But my problem is: I would eat when the cameras were off, too. On television, Goldman comes across as a good-time guy, with the untucked shirts, the teenage affect.