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I wrote the instrumental pretty quickly and knew it needed a top-notch rapper.Smiler was recommended by a producer at BBC 1Xtra, who I met by chance at a Youth Music charity event.

‘Screamer’ was written over a single afternoon in Cardiff student digs back in 2001 and always reminds me of that particular time whenever I hear it.

It was made using only an ageing i Mac and Yamaha hardware sampler.

When this was released as a single in January 2010, it was quite weird hearing something I wrote nine years ago being resurrected on BBC Radio 1.

The release of this record was an incredible moment for me, as it included a mix by one of my personal heroes; Paul Hartnoll of the legendary Orbital.

I’ve been influenced by Paul’s music since my teens and when the remix came back on CDR I still couldn’t quite believe it when I played it for the first time.

All the classic musical elements of Orbital that had made such an impact on my own production style were present and correct – it was an incredible experience.Following this release, I also had the chance to remix Paul’s record ‘Please’ (featuring Robert Smith of The Cure).You can find out more about it in the remix section.I also remember that The Rogue Element’s mix was in the Beatport chart for quite a while and became a huge tune on the Breaks circuit. Another vocal track from ‘Running in Order’, featuring MC Incyte.I’d worked on the instrumental for quite a while and the label suggested I speak to Incyte, who’d done some work on the first Rogue Element album.He came up to Cardiff for the day and we recorded it within 4 hours with Luke Jones at Warwick Hall of Sound.