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2014 saw them living their lives and generating new material, songwriter/producer Jimmy Shaw in his studio, and Haines in Nicaragua and Spain.What they came up with would soon become known as Pagans in Vegas, their latest album, with allusions to the Cure, Depeche Mode, and New Order.Its preorder packaging was elaborate to say the least; a so-called “Pagan Time Capsule”, limited to 500 copies, a kind of ode to analogue, that comes in a customized wooden box; the new album on cassette, a Metric flag, patches, post cards, a lapel pin and a charm necklace.

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The kind of prizes that only a true indie would think to do.Pop Matters discussed with Jimmy Shaw from Metric this process, as well as their recent tour with Imagine Dragons, the almost-release of a double album, and the the state of women in music.* * * The album has such an ear-grabbing title, phonetically.They went from beloved electro-indie lovers to a chart-topping act running their own label.Pagans in Vegas is their latest disc, but the stories behind it indicate where they are and the fascinating places they're going.

Since 1998, Metric have been harnessing a craft, perfecting with each album a specific kind of sound, getting closer and closer each time to the heart of who they truly are.They could not have known then, in their early 20s, that their musical journey would lead them back on the other side of a record contract, to starting their own label and brand, routing their own tours, developing a smartphone app, and essentially running their own show.2012’s Synthetica musically feels like the logical progression for Metric’s sound: catchy electro indie pop songs, lyrical hooks with Emily Haine’s haunting voice, etc.Also, it was released on their own label, Metric Music International.Going it alone is always tough, but it appears to have paid off.Synthetica, peaked at #1 on the Alternative Albums chart, #12 on the Billboard 200, #6 US Rock albums, #2 Canadian albums chart, and was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize.