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How To Make Money With Your Penis – I feel like this is a question men ask themselves from time to time because ‘he’ is our pride and joy why shouldn’t we be able to make money from him?

We know he works like a charm so should other people, right?

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If can appeal to the gay audience you’re able to earn a solid to 0 per hour doing webcam modeling.

This may include private sessions over Skype or by joining a webcam portal that’ll allow you to host yourself.

Yes, you will have to appeal to the gay audience in order to earn any money as a webcam model.

Women just aren’t a big enough audience in the webcam world right now, but gay men are easier to please (most of the time), pay more and will appreciate your body.

There’s big bucks in this webcam industry you have just got to be different and get known throughout the community.

When it comes to porn there is money to be made, but usually not for men.A lot of low end male porn stars don’t even get paid to have sex on camera, but if you go about being a porn star correctly you can definitely change this.Get An Agent: If you’re good looking and packing heat, start looking for a porno agent. Homemade: The only way you’re going to earn any real money at the start is with homemade porn (my opinion), there’s a real need for homemade porn and if you can create great realistic porn, you can definitely make money.All you need to get started is: That’s all you need for beginner homemade porn videos.You have a few options in earning money with homemade porn, you can either: Create a membership site then release short, cut version that are watermarked with intro’s that promote your membership site, onto tube sites.This promotes your membership site, then charge ,99 per month to subscribe to your homemade videos. There’s a good example of selling homemade porn on, a site that’ll pay you 00 for 7 hours of footage from your sex life.