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He knows the stats on everything, from pictures to get the most hits to how many dates to give a guy before giving up.

Mike has perfected his statistically proven methods over 10 years, crafting a coaching process that works for women everywhere.

My roommate’s last relationship was a proper tragedy: there was jealousy, intrigue, even flying crockery; and the breakup was, to all accounts, worthy of a Hollywood romance.

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When EZ Dating Coach Mike Goldstein’s five-year relationship saw its demise, he, too, asked that infamous question. “I became very knowledgeable about dating and relationships.” It wasn’t long before Mike was the go-to resource for his friends, and he started helping them find relationships. ” With such undeniable results, his friends suggested he should turn his hard-won wisdom into a career.

Mike became the EZ Dating Coach and was soon a leading expert on online dating.

Today, Mike has a success rate of 83%, with eight of his last 10 clients in relationships.

To help our users get the most out of online dating, we decided to get advice from the experts: professional matchmakers and dating coaches.

We asked them questions that we hope will give you some guidance in preparing an awesome online profile and succeeding in finding love online.

Our expert today is Hoboken, NJ based dating coach Mike Goldstein of EZ Dating Coach.

Mike shot this brief video with a couple of tips for online daters.

The Short Version: Everyone reacts to the end of a relationship in different ways; some people cry for weeks, others go through pounds of ice cream, some do both.

But when Mike Goldstein was going through a breakup, he did research — eventually becoming the expert on dating and relationships known as the EZ Dating Coach.

Today, Mike has an impressive 83% success rate as a dating coach, with every eight out of 10 clients ending up in a relationship.

Mike has maintained his success by using comprehensive analytics based on information from the largest dating websites to help women find the caliber of men they want and deserve.