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You can sign up for Mailbox for Mac beta on the company's website.Here are a few more details on how the rollouts will work: Over the next couple weeks, pre-registered users will get an email with what the company calls a "betacoin." Once you have a betacoin, you'll gain access to Mailbox for Mac and also enable a snooze to desktop function for any mobile versions.Finding a great roommate can be a crucial part in your quality of life.

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A roommate that you can’t trust can add unwanted stress to your life.Finding a trustworthy, fun roommate is much easier than in the old days where you had to put an ad in the newspaper or hang a flyer on a bulletin board with your phone number on 15 tabs of paper.There are many websites that can assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for.Back in April, Mailbox promised it would be bring a beta version of its popular mobile email client to Mac. Users who've signed up for the public beta as well as select Mailbox users will be given access to the beta in a rollout process.The team hasn't announced any firm date when the final version will be released.

When Mailbox was introduced for i OS a year and a half ago, it quickly became an indispensable tool for navigating email by including snooze emails and easy swipe navigation.Dropbox recognized the app's potential and snapped up the Mailbox team in March 2013.Since its acquisition, Mailbox has continued building on its i OS offering with i Pad and Android versions.Now, it's arriving on the desktop—arguably where you need it most.Mailbox will also be adding draft support, according to the beta announcement blogpost, that will allow drafts to be saved locally on a device and synced across devices when signed into Dropbox.Android and i OS updates for draft support are reportedly coming soon.