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By Kimberly Pryor, award-winning author and relationship expert Let’s face it, getting back out into the dating world after spending so many years with one person can feel scary.

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If you’re uncomfortable on a date you won’t look or act self-confident. You don’t have to feel nervous, shy, or uncomfortable on dates.This can sabotage your chances of finding true love. There are easy ways to feel calm and relaxed when meeting someone for the first time.Here are two common reasons for feeling nervous or anxious on a date and some proven ways you can feel more relaxed during all your dating encounters.So often, first-date jitters occur for two reasons.1) You’re afraid you’re not going to have enough to say and 2) you care too much what your date thinks of you.

I’ll give you the cure for the second reason in a minute. If it’s an online encounter, before the date read over the person’s profile.On a sheet of paper write down five questions based on your date’s profile. That way you won’t have to worry about any awkward pauses in the conversation.Another strategy—good for people you’ve met out and about as well as Internet dates—is to ask what I call “most” questions.Here’s what I mean by that: Your date says: “I really love to travel.I wish I could travel more.” You respond with: “I love to travel, too.What is the most interesting place you’ve ever visited?