Fired event itemupdating

The result is that my code in the Item Updated event gets like "overwritten" and the Text Box1 doesn't get disabled.

Enabled = false;" then I see that after the Item Updated event it jumps to the aspx page again and steps through the Text Boxes.

Data Bind(); // adding this line even doesn't help Text Box box = Form View1.

fired event itemupdating-8

Disabling this Text Box1 from another Grid View1_Selected Index Changed works fine.

Is there any way to see the "current lifecycle progress" in debugging?

I have a Grid View1 where selecting the item populates the abovementioned Form View1.

The point is that I need to disable some of the Text Boxes in the Form View1 based on, for example, user access levels.

Selecting the item from Grid View1 disables the Text Box1 just fine, but when I click the Update button on the Form View1 then all Text Boxes are enabled, even if I see in the debugger code running through the Grid View1_Selected Index Changed() function.

And after I re-select the gridview item, the correct Text Boxes are disabled again.The Text Box is in the Form View's Edit Item Template, so will only be visible when the Form View is in edit mode.Using even this code: protected void Grid View1_Selected Index Changed(object sender, Event Args e) { if (User Access() == false) { Text Box box2 = Form View1.Enabled = false; } } protected void Form View1_Item Updated(object sender, Event Args e) { Grid View1_Selected Index Changed(sender, e); } This doesn't make sense, please explain more about why you are trying to disable the Text Box, have you just left the Item Template off in your question?After clicking update or cancel the Text Box will no longer be rendered, and the Item Template is rendered instead.NET 2.0, and Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 Service Broker' Write your own Code Generator or Template Engine in .protected void Form View1_Item Updated(object sender, Event Args e) { Form View1.