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Adjective agreement follows many rules in French, but there are also irregular circumstances.In this French video from, learn how adjectives in French change to agree in number and gender with the nouns they modify.The French place meaning and emphasis not only on adjectives themselves, but their placement in a sentence.

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Writing a business correspondence ins French requires proper use of the formal French language.

Watch this language video for some tips on how to write formally in French for a business letter.

In French, the conditional mood expresses a wish or hypothetical situation using various patterns for its construction.

Learn how to use the conditional mood correctly with this helpful French language tutorial video by Gender of nouns is an important part of French language that you don't find in English.

Learn some of the endings with some exceptions to discerning a noun's gender in this French video from

Gestures are important to understanding and appreciating a culture.Learn 10 common French gestures use them to add color and a native flair to your communication in this how-to video from The French are a very expressive culture, and these gestures should be used in only the most casual circumstances.Learn 5 informal gestures in French with examples and explanations in this French video from Using French hand gestures will bring you so much closer to fluency, just be sure you know what they mean and the correct context.Learn 5 French gestures to use with people close to you in this how-to video from