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Dripping throbbing, aching, clenching pleasure...without a doubt.

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For years, I've run Money and used My blackmail page to reveal the dirtiest secrets of each person that paid the deposit to be there until they could afford their buyout, or posted forever the chaps that got into agreements and didn't pay.

The percentage of new blackmailers & payments waned over the years, and I can no longer justify paying for seprate hosting just to support the wack-off habits of a bunch of cheap blackmail fetishists.

Too much of the traffic became nonpaying wankers too chicken shit to bother to even gift Me anonymously much less pay for services (or even their own contracts), but a few of My serious long term ruination fetishists absolutely still need this service. You will not be placed on this page unless you've paid the 0 deposit, whether I get you to fill out the VERY thorough, traumatizing application nor not.

So what is it exactly that turns my crank when I don a strap-on and peg my guy? The Pleasure Principle More than any other reason, I love to peg a man because it brings him so much pleasure. I love to see a man purely receptive and a rare and beautiful sight. I can tease him..pound him...until he begs for release or respite. Above and beyond the ass itself, a lot people have judgments about pegging, from both sides of the dildo.

Some time ago I had the privilege of introducing a new lover to pegging. That vulnerability makes me want to gather him in my arms and fuck him sweetly and continuously until he comes with cries of passion. I can change the angle of my toy just a bit and know it's driving him crazy with pleasure. I mean, as taboo thrills go - fucking a man in the ass with a strap-on dildo is like the Dubai Tower of illicit sex thrills for me. Sadly, asses suffer from widespread discrimination. People who are happy to dress up their derrière in sexy articles of clothing designed to attract widespread attention...would never think of undressing that ass and actually taking it for a drive to see what it can do! If you are a man who likes pegging, ..if you are a woman who likes pegging, you wish you were a man.

After he came exquisitely hard in his hand while I sunk deep inside him..gasped, "I had him giving him pleasure, which is a thrill in itself; the only time in sexual play that I get to do that. I just love to put a man in ecstasy with my strap-on. Or I can stay still, buried inside him and drive him crazy with wanting more. Asses are often thought of as a dirty, nasty place that serves only one function, period. I love flying in the face of all those judgments and doing what I want just because I enjoy it.

Open up, Baby There is a vulnerability that is necessary for a man to be penetrated. Sometimes I think that I gravitate towards kinkier stuff because there is a part of me that resists anyone telling me what I should or shouldn't do, most especially in the realm of sexual exploration.

*steps off soapbox* Deliciously Dissident Flouting intolerant opinions is a hobby of mine.

Well there are many many gay men who would beg to differ..thankfully a growing number of straight men who have also discovered the joys of anal pleasure.

So if people view something as taboo - damn, that might be a hot thing to try! Does it give me a charge to know that if I told some of my friends about my proclivity for pegging, they would be shocked? *smile* The Visuals The delectable vision of spreading those cheeks and sinking slowly into his one of the hottest, most amazingly arousing visuals I have ever, .

Now I know why some of the kinkier dating sites that have amateur videos are overrun with clips of men holding a video camera pointing straight down as their cock is sinking into their woman who is on her hands and knees... And from a different position, the look on his face when I am stroking my strap-on in and out..surprised naked passion sort of OMG-what-the-fuck-are-you-doing-to-me-I-, yes.