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60-year-old white men in prison who’ve never harmed anybody, would never touch a child.“But they got online one night, started surfing around, probably had too much to drink or whatever and pushed the wrong buttons and went too far and got into child porn or whatever.”The comments caused an outcry on social media from people highlighting Mr Grisham’s successful career in law and politics.On Thursday, he released a statement on his website saying: “Anyone who harms a child for profit or pleasure, or who in any way participates in child pornography—online or otherwise—should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.“My comments made two days ago during an interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph were in no way intended to show sympathy for those convicted of sex crimes, especially the sexual molestation of children.I can think of nothing more despicable.“I regret having made these comments, and apologise to all.”According to Mr Grisham, his friend ran into trouble nearly a decade ago when he accessed a child abuse sting operation set-up by the Canadian Mounted police, which advertised images of 16-year-old girls, while intoxicated.The man was later sentenced to three years in prison, according to the author.Demi Lovato recently claimed that she felt 'free' after her split with boyfriend of six years Wilmer Valderrama, and now it has emerged that she's allegedly dating an MMA fighter.

It has been claimed that Demi, 23, is currently dating professional athlete Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos, according to Us Weekly.An insider said that the Skyscraper star was “just having fun” with Vasconcelos. "My life is just really, really exciting for me because I'm growing. "I think I have so many people around me that I trust and that I talk to about things and they are the ones that are quick to tell me, 'Hey, you may be having a bad day but look at what you've overcome'.While another added: “Demi’s still looking to meet new guys.” The former couple called time on their relationship last month after nearly six years together, and while it was a tough decision, the raven-haired beauty admits she is "excited" about what lies ahead in her life. "So that's what's really cool is to be able to surround myself with people like that." The 23-year-old star insists she will not hesitate to change something about her life she isn't enjoying, but hasn't cared about what her haters think she was five years old.Speaking on Elvis Duran and The Morning Show, she added: "I stopped giving an 'f' at like 15! "You only get one life, so if you don't do what makes you happy in this moment, you're doing yourself an injustice for the rest of your life."If you find yourself in a situation where you think maybe I'm not happy right now, maybe you have to make changes." Demi and Wilmer vowed to remain friends following their split.Announcing they were going their separate ways in a joint statement last month, the pair said: "After almost 6 loving and wonderful years together, we have decided to end our relationship.